Jumaat, November 07, 2014

Hari ini adalah hari spesial bagi aku.

Aku baca ayat ni;

Today is very special day for you. If you choose, the first day of your best life. The day you release your chains and rise into your greatness. The day let go of the past and blaze into your future. The day you shift from victim to victor. The day you go own your potential. And remember your power.

You are not a sheep. You are a lion.

Adversity is your teacher. Failure is your strenghtener. Heartbreak is your healer.

And while the world may call you ordinary and neglect all you stand for, you have the bravery and wisdom to carry in your heart a solitary dream that I trust you will get done.

You are never alone. I'm always here for you. To remind and support and champion you to br a light not a limit in this world we are privileged to live in.

Terus aku melompat terbang capai kunci motor pergi ke ofis.

Kebosanan mencipta kelainan.

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