Selasa, September 23, 2008

ManUTD Fans Profile: Adib

(Bicara ini telah dibuka di ruangan Friendster Group: MUFC Malaysia)

Fan From:

Favorite United Players Ever:
Eric Cantona. Style and Egoism.

Favorite Current United Player:
Darren Fletcher and Wayne Rooney

Favorite United Jersey:
Memorable Jersey (match against Manchester City season 2007/2008)
50th Anniversary of Munich Air Disaster kit

Favorite United Team:
1998/1999 Treble Winner Team.

Favorite United Moment:
Against Juventus Away 1999 (Champion League)

United Legend You Wish to Have Seen Play:
Eric Cantona.

Coolest United Goal:
Ryan Giggs beat three man and score against Liverpool. He is too fast.

Funniest United Goal:
Christiano Ronaldo used back heels. I think its luck.

Coolest goal AGAINST United:
Thierry Henry. Didn't remember when is it.

Favorite non-United Players:
Jan Klass Van Huntelaar

Player You Would Like to See in United Colors:
Lionel Messi

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